honeycomb ventilation panels

Honeycomb ventilation panels 9500

EMI shielded ventilation panels for ventilation and heating in screened rooms, EMI shielding rooms & Faraday cages

Honeycomb vents are used to shield openings for ventilation or acoustic/visual contact. We can make these vents according to your drawing within a few days, or you can use our standard range from stock.

We can supply Honeycomb vents with frames, pre-drilled with fasteners, or with flow-drilled thread holes. The standard material is aluminium which can be given a nickel finish (or any other finish you choose).

If high shielding levels are required, the use of cross-cell honeycombs is recommended. These are constructed from multiple sections of 6.35 mm or 12.7 mm or 26.3 mm thick honeycombs within a single frame. The shielding performance will improve as airflow is decreased, but not eliminated.

For military applications we make a heavy hot-dip galvanized mild-steel version. Please contact us for more information.

Honeycombs are also frequently used as flow straighteners to create a laminar flow.

 Standard and cross cell versions

honeycomb ventilation panels

Material specifications

Extrusion Aluminium alloy 6063-T1 QQ-A-200/9
Filter media Aluminium alloy 5056, per RR-W-365
Honeycomb Aluminium alloy MIL-C-7438
Grilles Aluminium alloy 3003-H-14 per QQ-A-359
Finish Chem film to MIL-C-5541 Class 1A (standard)
Also available: Bright tin, Electroless nickel
or Chem film - Class 3
EMI (optional)
/ RFI gasket
Amucor shield 6800 or Knitted wire mesh.


  • Lightweight
  • High shielding performance
  • Low air-flow resistance
  • Reduction of turbulence


  • Cross-cell honeycomb for extra high shielding performance
  • Slant honeycomb 30°, 45°, 60° for outdoor rainproof applications
  • 45° degrees is the most common implementation
    Please note, slant honeycombs are available on request
  • Polyurethane filter for dust protection
  • Kick plate for mechanical protection
  • Stainless steel, mild steel or brass versions
  • Cell sizes 1.6mm, 3.2mm, 6.4mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm, or 19mm (standard 3.2mm)
  • Gaskets for firm connections

Approximately 95% of the honeycomb vents we produce are made to customer specifications.

Shielding performance (dB)

Frequency Field Single-layer 6.35 mm thick honeycomb material Cross-cell 6.35 mm thick honeycomb material Single-layer 12.7 mm thick honeycomb material Cross-cell 54 mm thick honeycomb material
Frames B, C, D, G, L Frame H Frames E, F Frame K
200kHz H 39 71 78 85
100MHz E 80 105 100 110
500MHz P 55 93 55 95
2GHz P 52 94 96 98
10GHz P 61 82 80 90
These values were measured under laboratory conditions, Honeycomb 80 x 80 mm and with proper gasket material used. In other situations, results may differ. Please read our Guarantee.

honeycomb ventilation panels Mild steel ventilation panels for EMP
Honeycomb ventilation panels Mild steel ventilation panels for EMP
honeycomb ventilation panels frame H example
Panels made in different sizes and amounts made according to your drawing
honeycomb ventilation panels
Honeycomb ventilation frame panel type h

Airflow characteristics

Please note: These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

Shielding effectiveness

Mounting options

honeycomb ventilation panels mounting option 1
Option 1 : Through hole/bolt
honeycomb ventilation panels mounting option 2

Option 2: Flow-drilled tap/thread

Frame Options

Cross-cell honeycombs

honeycomb ventilation panels Cross-cell honeycombs

For frame H we recommend sending your drawing to [email protected]. When designing the drawing for frame H please keep in mind to use a hole distance of minimal 75mm.

Single-layer honeycombs

Single-layer honeycombs

Gasket material

Our 9500 series framed Honeycomb ventilation panels are generally supplied with a 6800 series Amucor gasket.

This is an EMC gasket with an aluminum alloy. Suitable for most applications. However, due to galvanic corrosion for some applications, the Honeycombs can also be supplied with a 1200 series Metal knit gasket.

Honeycomb copper version

Optional on request is a copper version of the honeycombs available in 6.35 and 12.7 mm thickness.

honeycomb copper version

Standard dimensions

Our Honeycomb ventilation panels are usually custom made for our client. However, some common dimensions are in stock. In the standard dimensions table below some common types of Honeycomb ventilation panels are specified to illustrate the required information. Hole diameter P is standard 3.5 mm, with other dimensions possible on request. Also available with screw apertures or inserts.

honeycomb ventilation panels dimenional drawing
Outer dimensions Mounting holes horizontal Mounting holes vertical
A B Holes D E Holes F G
150 75 2 40 70 1 37.5 -
100 100 1 50 - 1 50 -
200 100 3 20 80 1 50 -
125 125 2 20 85 1 62.5 -
250 125 3 30 95 1 62.5 -
150 150 2 25 100 2 25 100
300 150 4 30 80 2 25 100
175 175 2 40 95 2 40 95
350 175 4 40 90 2 40 95
200 200 3 40 60 3 40 60
400 200 5 30 85 3 20 80
250 250 3 30 95 3 30 95
300 300 4 30 80 4 30 80
600 300 7 30 90 4 30 80

To get a quotation for Honeycomb vents within 24 hours fill in the form below.

Please note: Specify the outer dimension in mm
Please note: Specify the outer dimension in mm
Select an option:
A : Frame A
B : Frame B
C : Frame C
D : Frame D
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G : Frame G
H : Frame H
K : Frame K
L : Frame L
Select an option:
DS : Standard drill pattern
DC : Custom drill pattern
N : No holes
Select an option:
A : Amucor (standard)
K : Knitted wire mesh
N : No gasket
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