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Shieldoseal 130 g plastic cartridge


Shieldoseal is a 65-durometer adhesive sealant that is made of a one-part, electrically conductive silicone-based adhesive with micron-sized nickel-coated graphite particles with excellent filling properties. Shieldoseal cures quickly at room temperature (RTV) in the presence of atmospheric moisture. It can cure on metals (copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, etc.), ceramics, and most plastics and can be used in environments from -50 up to + 175 °C without the loss of physical or electrical properties. The material remains as elastic as rubber and is homogeneously conductive.

Shieldoseal can be used to attach shielding windows to edge frames, bond conductive elastomer gaskets, and for EMI and environmental protection as a sealant. Sieldoseal is a high-performance non-corrosive silicone material that meets the requirements of MIL-A-46146 and will form a cured skin within 60 minutes without the formation of corrosive byproducts of exposure to atmospheric moisture. Shieldoseal is a thixotropic paste that can be published on vertical surfaces without prolapsing.

Color Dark grey
Elastomer adhesive Silicone
Filler material Nickel coated graphite
Density 2 gcm
Hardness 60-65 Shore
Volume resistivity <0.01 ohm/cm
Adhesion >100Ncm
Attenuation 100 MHz to 10 GHz 80 - 115 dB
Elongation 100%
Operating temperature -55 to 150 °C
Metal with metal Good
Metal with RFI gasket Good
RFI gasket with RFI gasket Good
Shelf life Stored in a cool dark, dry place. Refrigerator or freezer recommended
  • Vibrations and/or shock resistant sealant/adhesive for electronic assemblies
  • Environmental sealing
  • ESD control/grounding
  • Electrical connection/bonding of materials with dissimilar thermal expansion coefficients i.e. mounting shielding windows EMI shielding with environmental sealing.

Specification Unit 3991
Curring at room temperature 21 °C Yes
Tack free Minutes 60
Light handling Hrs.  12 - 24
Full cure Hrs. 96 - 144
Odorless   No

  Partnumber Description
3991 Shieldoseal 130 g plastic cartridge
3991-M Shieldoseal manual gun
3991-P Shieldoseal pneumatic gun


Can be ordered separately:  a manual gun (part number 3991-M) or a pneumatic gun (part number 3991-P)


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