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Wallet pouch black fabric 195 x 100 mm

The shielded pouches protect portable transceivers from RF & microwave interference and/or emissions. The shielding pouch can also be used to shield a full wallet with content.

The RFID cards in your wallet can no longer remotely be read with the pouch closed around it. Our pouches are lightweight and flexible. They are made to attenuate and prevent signals from entering or leaving the pouch.

These shielding pouches are suitable for everyday use, for example for people with electro allergy and for storing RFID cards to prevent abuse. All types having a rollover closure with a shielded compartment and a non shielded compartment.

The shielding pouches are made with a highly conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant fabric on the inside.

Shielding effectiveness

Prevents cell phones, PDA’s, smartphones, laptops and GPS units from logging onto an active network.

Field tests have shown an average of 99.99% signal attenuation. In practice, our shielding pouches proved to have a better design and better materials than pouches made by the competition. These pouches are built to last and can be reused over and over again with minimal shielding degradation.

Shielding performance
Personal protection - Shielding pouches

Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

Shielding pouches prevent cell phones, PDAs, Smartphones, Laptops and GPS units from sending signals to or receiving signals from active networks. Data on these portable devices can be secured on site using our high performance RF/EMI shielding pouches.

More affordable than lab based non-portable metal enclosures, the Window-Touch Forensic Pouches allows viewing and hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in an RF tight environment, making sure internal data is not compromised when device is seized. There is no need to take the seized device back to a laboratory to take a look on the device. The shielding pouches will function with any portable device with capacitive sensing touch screens including smartphones, tablets and GPS units.

This conductive, flexible material is the same fabric used over the past decade to make room-sized to tabletop height RF shielding tent enclosures. The large, non-glare window is made of a double-layer conductive mesh.

  Product Outer size (width x height)  Inner size (width x height) Material
Wallet (small) 195 x 100 160 x 70 Black fabric
  • Commercial wireless
  • Industrial wireless
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Cellular forensics
  • Computer forensics
  • Homeland security
  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Personal protection (electro smog / electro allergy)


  • Mobile device forensics
  • Cyber forensics
  • Secure facilities
  • Government facilities
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Industrial and corporate espionage
  • Fieldwork
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