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Fixed PCB shields

fixed pcb shields


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The 1600 Fixed PCB shield series is used to make EMI/RFI-shielded compartments on a PCB to prevent electromagnetic interference between chips/processors/parts of the PCB.

A small shielding framework or shielding fence, can be manufactured by our CNC production system, including teeth or pins in any desired size for attachment to the printed circuit board.

Tooling costs are relatively low, making this system suitable for series of 100 to 100.000 pieces. The 1600 Fixed PCB shielding series is made according to your technical drawing

Price inquiry
For a price request, please send an email to [email protected] with your technical drawing, for example in .dwg, .dxf, .pdf, or similar file format made up in vectors. You can also use the quotation section below.
fixed PCB shield tehcnical drawing
  • Several thicknesses depending on attenuation level
  • With or without electrical insulation
  • With or without conductive self-adhesive
  • Available in a fire-retardant version
  • Can be made with a lid for extra high shielding performance
  • Can be made with openings for passage of cables or ventilation
  • Can be manufactured by our CNC production system
  • Suitable for series of 100 -100.000 pieces
  • Made according to customer’s drawing
  • A sample can be produced very quickly, in only 2 days
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Allowed maximum size is 20 MiB. You can upload multiple files