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Extreme ultra-soft EMI-IP gaskets

Extreme Ultra Soft Gasket


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Elevate your shielding strategy with the Extreme Ultra-Soft Gasket – where durability meets innovation.

Performs exceptionally well alongside stainless steel and various other metals, our gasket promises seamless integration into your existing setups. Whether you're looking to safeguard electronics, enclosures, or critical components, its flexibility and superior performance make it the go-to choice.

Extreme ultra-soft gasket technical drawing

Crafted from a sophisticated outer layer of closed-cell neoprene, this gasket not only ensures a watertight seal but also offers an unmatched barrier against environmental factors. At its core, the PU foam effortlessly compresses, boasting a remarkable 90% compression rate with minimal closure force. This unique feature guarantees that doors and components maintain their integrity, eliminating any risk of deflection and significantly enhancing shielding effectiveness.

Understanding that requirements vary, we offer the Extreme Ultra-Soft Gasket in an array of sizes and shapes. Available on rolls up to an impressive 1000 meters*, we cater to both large-scale projects and specific, niche applications.

extreme ultra-soft gasket different shapes
  • Exceptional Compressibility of 90%
  • Minimal Closure Force Required
  • Superior Electrical Conductivity
  • Outstanding Shielding Performance
  • Roll Lengths up to 1000 meters*
  • Simple Installation with self-adhesive
  • Durable and Resilient
  • Designed to easily bend around corners
* Roll length varies depending on the specific width and height.
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