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Impact resistant explosion proof atex iecex tablet for zone 1

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The explosion-proof iPads are originally manufactured by Apple than converted and certified according to ATEX and IECEx. This makes the tablets suited for safe use in gas /vapor zone 1 hazardous locations. ATEX Zone 1 is the European equivalent for US, NEC Class 1 Division 1 equipment. (C1D1)

Compliance with ATEX / EX regulations is achieved by modification of the casing together with the safe electrical circuit, which makes the tablets suitable for safe use in zone 1 hazardous locations. All features of the original product are preserved. Even the front home button can be used safely at hazardous locations.

The ATEX iPad mini 5 zone 1 comes with an aluminum case finish and is available for both the WIFI only model and the WIFI + Cellular 4G models. Beside safe use as smart tablet, both versions are excellent for use as safe video or photo camera with wifi connection. ATEX / IECEx Zone 1 iPad mini 5 for Zone 1 & 2. All Functions remain intact, including all push buttons.

Conversion of multiple brands possible

Capabilities to produce explosion safe variants of other Mobile tablets and or devices from leading brands like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola etc. Please contact us for the possibilities.

  • Petro (chemical) plants
  • Offshore environments
  • Ex safe camera
  • Storage of hazardous goods
  • Harsh environments

  • Integrated eSim (for cellular version)
  • ATEX and IECEx certified Zone 1 & 2
  • Patented design
  • Quick and World Wide Delivery
  •  Apple open DEP Enrollment

Technical information
Voltage 100-240 Volt (charger)
Frequency 50/60 Hz (charger
Colour Aluminium
Dimensions 25 x 18.5x 3.3 cm
Weight 1150 grams
ATEX Zone 1, II 2G; dB IIC T4 Gb
IECEx Zone 1, II 2G; dB IIC T4 Gb
Ordering information
Partnumbers ATEX /IECEx zone Storage Capacity Dimensions (cm)
TAB-EXd-IPAD-M5-64 (incl ipad mini 5) Zone 1 & 2 Ipad mini 5- 64Gb WIFI 25 x 18.5x 3.3
TAB-EXd-IPAD-M5-64-CEL (incl ipad mini 5) Zone 1 & 2 Ipad mini 5- 64Gb WIFI + 4G 25 x 18.5x 3.3
TAB-EXd-IPAD-M5-256 (incl ipad mini 5) Zone 1 & 2 Ipad mini 5- 256Gb WIFI 25 x 18.5x 3.3
TAB-EXd-IPAD-M5-256-CEL (incl ipad mini 5) Zone 1 & 2 Ipad mini 5 - 256Gb WIFI + 4G 25 x 18.5x 3.3
TAB-EXd-IPAD-M5-64-CEL-BC Zone 1 & 2 Ipad mini 5- 64Gb WIFI + 4G with blocked camera’s 25 x 18.5x 3.3
TAB-EXd-IPAD-M5 Zone 1 & 2 *Send over your ipad for conversion & certification (only for new tablets)  
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