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EMI/RFI shielding enclosures and housings for PCB's

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1900 series Mu-copper housings/enclosures consist of two parts cover and housing. The Mu-copper housings/enclosures provide excellent RFI/EMI shielding and protection. The EMI-shielded housing is designed to be installed in e.g. an existing plastic housing in order to protect the components against electromagnetic interference. The EMI-shielded housing can also be used to protect an entire printed circuit board in an enclosure against interference from other components in the enclosure.

Having a two-part body allows connectors, displays and switches fitted on the PCB to protrude through the cover and the housing sections. This would not be possible with single-part case bodies. Cutouts in the cover or housing sections or recesses create space for connectors, displays, and switches on the PCB.

PCB’s can be mounted on plastic studs in order to insulate them from the EMI-shielded housing. The studs can be supplied threaded or with extremely strong adhesive, in any shape or size. For heavy-duty applications the cover can be soldered to the housing or attached with studs and screws.

Available in standard dimensions and in any desired shape and size, according to your drawing. You can also specify where the insulating studs should be placed. Available in Mu-copper or in a tinned Mu-copper version for easy soldering.

Plastic spuds
To keep the printed circuit board in the EMI-shielding enclosure from making contact with the housing, it can be placed on plastic studs. We supply plastic studs in lengths of 3, 5, and 8 mm. The diameter of the plastic studs can be 5 or 10 mm. It is also possible to have studs made to your specifications.

Plastic studs are provided with a very strong adhesive sticker at both ends. One end is placed at the desired location in the housing and the other end on the PCB. The plastic studs can be delivered in black, white or blue.

EMI shielding housings enclosures plastic spuds
Example of plastic spuds. Available in a diameter of 5 and 10 mm
  • Lightweight solution
  • Available in any dimension
  • Shielding close to the source
  • Mounting afterwards is possible
  • No gaskets required
  • Extra shielding layer in combination with other barrier

Typical applications
  • Hand-held test and measurement devices
  • Radio control equipment
  • Wall-mounted monitoring systems
  • Security devices
  • Building control equipment

Options (on request)
  • With insulation layer in the housing part - no studs needed for the PCB
  • Vents in the cover part for heat dissipation or cooling
  • For additional reduction of radiation, it is possible to add EM absorbers to the EMI housing

Material options

The shielding enclosure is available with different materials and thicknesses. You can choose your material in the how to order form below this webpage.

  • Tinned steel
  • Mu-copper
  • Tinned mu-copper

* Please contact us if your desired material option is not listed, With the desired material and thickness.

Standard EMI-shielding housings/enclosures
EMI shielding housings enclosures technical drawing

Please note:
Tinned steel 0.20 mm
and mu-copper 0.30 mm has the best finish

Custom sizes and shapes can be produced on request and according by drawing. Please send your drawing with your request.

When ordering the housing we would like to point out that you have to order the outer bottom housing in terms of dimensions. As an example, in comparison with your chosen material thickness, we have put an example in a table below. For example, when you order 0.12 mm material thickness can with dimensions of 100-200-50 mm, the inside dimensions will be 99.76-119.76-49.88 mm. 

Material thickness A



cover outer
cover outer
cover outer
0.12 mm 200 mm 199.76 mm  100 mm 99.76 mm 50 mm 49.88 mm  200.24 mm 100.24 mm 50.24 mm    
0.18 mm  200 mm 199.64 mm   100 mm  99.64 mm   50 mm  49.82 mm  200.36 mm  100.36 mm  50.36 mm     
0.20 mm 200 mm 199.60 mm  100 mm 99.60 mm  50 mm 49.80 mm  200.40 mm  100.40 mm  50.40 mm    
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Allowed maximum size is 20 MiB. You can upload multiple files