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Conductive shrinking sleeves

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Specify the desired length in mm. Maximal length is 910 mm.

The Conductive shrinking sleeves are used for cable and connector terminals to provide efficient EMI shielding. The sleeve is a combination of heat shrink polyolefin tube and a flexible conductive layer that can shrink. When the sleeves are heated the conductive layer will shrink at the same time.

The 4980 sleeves are easy to instal and are lighter than traditional metal braid shielding sleeves. The shielding performance can be 35 dB up to 50 dB in 14 kHz up to 10 GHz in frequency.

Technical performance
Shielding effectiveness (dB) 50+-
Shrink ration (%) 50~85
Shrink temperature (°C) 120~190
Working temperature (°C) -55~130

Standard dimensions
Partnumber Diameter ⌀
4980-3,2 3,2
4980-6,4 6,4
4980-9,5 9,5
4980-12,7 12,7
4980-19 19
4980-25,4 25,4
4980-32 32
4980-38 38

Other dimensions on request

Features & benefits
  • High shielding effectiveness, quite wide shielding frequency, can work in 14 kHz - 10 GHz and meet the stringent requirement. The shielding effectiveness can be up to 50 dB, which is higher than the general shielding cable.
  • Light weight compared with the general anti-wave sleeve. Using the 4980 sleeves can make the weight decrease by more than 35%, especially when using the small diameter size, the weight will reduce more than 60%.
  • Good flexibility, the shielding layer is high polymer material and can be bended at random, won’t affect the shielding layer.
  • Easy to use, it’s quite convenient and quick to heat-shrink by using a heat gun.
  • Length of the sleeve 910 mm max.

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