Stainless steel conductive mesh

Conductive mesh width 2000mm 8915

Light weight material conductive mesh offers excellent surface conductivity

Conductive mesh is made of stainless steel. The material is very light and allows airflow. The maximum material width is 2000mm wide and usable for large applications. Stainless steel conductive mesh fabric offers excellent surface conductivity, shielding effectiveness, and corrosion resistance for a variety of applications. 


Item Spec.
Roll length 30 meters
Width 2000mm
Weight 190 g/sqm
Thickness 1mm
Wire diamerer  1x0.08mm
Light permeability 75%
Crease resistance Low
Dimensional stability Low
Surface conductivity 2 Ohm per square (weft)
Surface conductivity 50 kOhm per square (warp), with cut edges.
Max working temperature 760°C (1400°F)

Conductive mesh

Mesh clamped between 2 plates, welded on corners


  • Optical grade, precision stainless-steel mesh
  • Large materal width of 2000mm
  • Extremely delicate, lightweight and flexible
  • Used for EMI/RFI-shielded windows
  • Can be used to make windows in a Faraday tent
  • DFAR compliant
  • At the extreme limits of the world’s wire weaving abilities
  • Used in outer-space probes and leading physics laboratories


  • Electric-magnetic field shielding


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