Fiber-optic Ethernet converter set 7894

EMI-shielded room and Faraday cage feedthrough for high-speed RS232C/Ethernet/ UTP communication links.

Our 7894 - Fiber-optic Ethernet converter set offers a shielded-room feedthrough for high-speed RS232C/Ethernet/UTP communication links. The Ethernet fiber Media Converter is used to convert a RS232C/10/100Base-T signal to a 10/100Base/RS232C optical signal, so you can use your internet connection or for example your video-camera connection inside or outside the Faraday cage while maintaining over 140 dB of room attenuation.

The set consists of two shielded fiber-optic converters, waveguide passage and 5 meters of fiber-optic cable.

An optical-fiber guiding light (high frequency) does not guide magnetic and electric waves. So signals from within the cage are not transported to the outside of the cage, or vice versa, because the optical fiber does not function as an antenna.

Feedthrough set for shielded rooms and Faraday cages.
Feedthrough set for shielded rooms and Faraday cages

Feedthrough set for shielded rooms and Faraday cages.
Feedthrough set for shielded rooms and Faraday cages. The unit outside the Faraday cage is connected with the unit inside the Faraday cage through a waveguide with an optical fiber.


  • The transmission of optical signals can be done through a single fiber since this allows for twice as much data transmission compared with a twin fiber type.
  • Auto negotiation function allows UTP port to auto select 10 M or 100 M and Full Duplex or Half Duplex.
  • UTP port supports MDI/MDI-X auto crossover
  • Supporting flow control
  • Supporting 1552 Byte packet
  • Built-in protection against lightning can prevent great damage to the converter caused by the induction of a lightning stroke.
  • Design of internal or external power supply for selection by users


  • Operating standards: IEEE802.3u, 10/100Base-TX and 100Base-FX
  • MAC address table: 1K
  • LED: Power, FX 100, FX Link/Act, TX 100, TX FDX, TX Link/Act.
  • Power: AC 110V - 220V to DC 5V; DC48V to DC 5V
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - 50 °C
  • Storage temperature: -20 - +70 °C
  • Humidity: 5% - 90%


  • UTP: RJ-45 10/100Mbps
  • Fiber: SC 100Mbps


  • UTP: Cat. 5 UTP (max. distance up to 100m)
  • Fiber (single mode): 8.3/125, 8.7/125, 9/125, 10/125μm (max. distance up to 90km)

Flow control

  • Full Duplex: IEEE802.3x
  • Half Duplex: Backpressure


  • Internal power: 30×110×140mm
  • External power: 26×70×93mm


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Fiber optic ethernet converter set + waveguide
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