8060 series Feedthrough filters

Used for EMI suppression of all electrical installations and equipment.
Shielding performance: 100dB @ 1M-40GHz (MIL-STD-285)


  • Self-healing plastic film non inductive capacitor
  • Tinned metal case
  • Feed through mounting
  • Flame retardant V0


These filters are designed to be mounted derectly in the entry panel of a Faraday cage or in an shielded filter housing. Please contact us for options.

Torgue value max.

  • Ø M 27 : 40 Nm
  • Ø M 32 : 40 Nm


Treaded terminals with nut:

  • Ø M 4 : 1.2 Nm
  • Ø M 6 : 2.45 Nm
  • Ø M 8 : 10 Nm
  • Ø M 10 : 15 Nm
  • Ø M 12 : 20 Nm

Product part numbers

Part number IR (A) Screw Insertion loss (dB)
8060-32 32 M6 100dB, 1M-40GHz
8060-63 63 M6
8060-100 100 M8
These values are measured under laboratory conditions. In your situation, results may differ. Please read our Guarantee.
8060 series Feedthrough filters
8060 series Feedthrough filters

Technical drawing

8060 series Feedthrough filters technical drawing with dimensions
8060 series Feedthrough filters technical drawing with dimensions


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