Faraday cages, EMI/RFI-shielded tents, rooms, TEMPEST equipment and shielded enclosures

We specialize in designing and building Faraday cages, EMI/RFI-shielded rooms, TEMPEST material for encrypted announcements/communications, EMI/RFI-shielded tents and other shielding materials.

We have decades of experience in constructing the following shielded rooms and components:

  • Faraday cages
  • Faraday tents
  • EMI-shielded chambers
  • TEMPEST chambers/rooms
  • Magnetic shielding for low frequencies
  • TEMPEST equipment for encrypted communications
  • Power and signal line filters
  • EMP/EMI/RFI-shielded doors
  • EMI/RFI-shielded windows
  • Honeycomb ventilation panels
  • And much more...
Mu-copper Faraday cages Prefabricated Anechoic chambers
We offer Mu-copper Faraday cages, prefab Faraday cages, anechoic chambers, etc.

Overview of shielding performance Faraday cages

Faraday cage general selection graph

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Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions.
Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

To determine which type of shielded room you need, below you will find a graph showing the respective shielding performances of a high-performance prefabricated cage, a Mu-copper cage, a magnetically shielded room and two tents (one with a single layer and one with a double layer). The graph shows the attenuation for each type of Faraday cage at different frequencies. What is important when choosing your Faraday cage is the required attenuation (emission reduction) and of course the frequency ranges for which attenuation is desired. Higher attenuation equals higher emission reduction.

The performance of the cage

Apart from the fact that the Faraday cage and its door should operate in the same frequency range in order to yield the desired reduction, other components like power-line filters, honeycomb ventilation panels and screened windows should also operate in the same frequency range.

EMC compatibility standards

We can make sure your situation will comply with any national or international EMC regulations.

If you would like to receive our brochure and sample package, including a sample of the "Mu-copper wallpaper system", please contact us by telephone: +31(0)78 - 204 90 00 or send a email to: [email protected].

EMC-shielded rooms and environment solutions

We produce Faraday cages, shielded chambers and all other components needed to construct shielded rooms, such as:

  • Power & signal line filters
  • Waveguides
  • Shielded doors
  • EMI/RFI-shielding windows
  • Shielded ventilation panels
  • and much more

In addition we produce TEMPEST equipment for encrypted communications, and even welded EMP bunkers. We also design new shielding products according to the client's wishes with very short delivery times.

We assist our clients from the design phase through the construction phase, so our engineers are ready to advise you at any step in the process to achieve the optimal solution.