vhf ferrite absorber tiles

VHF ferrite absorber tiles 3600

Ferrite absorber tile is the industry standard solution and exhibits excellent overall performance versus cost

Our 3600 series Ferrite absorber tile is the standard solution for industrial applications. It is an attractive solution for new anechoic chambers or for upgrading existing rooms for radiated-emission and immunity tests.

These tiles are used when relatively high absorption and a compact solution are required (-15 to -25 dB <100MHz). It is an excellent, reliable, and compact solution for attenuating reflections in shielded enclosures.

3600 VHF ferrite absorber tile

The VHF ferrite absorber tile is made of sintered ferrite and shaped like a square tile. The dimensions are 100 x 100mm with a thickness of 6.7mm.

The tiles are subject to precise mechanical tolerances on all sides, minimizing gaps between adjacent tiles to ensure maximum performance.

The tiles provide excellent electromagnetic absorption
performance in the VHF band for EMC anechoic chambers.

Material Characteristics

Characteristics Symbols units 3600 series
permeability μiac   1000 ±20%
Relative loss factor tanδ/μiac x10⁻6 25 (0.1MHz)
Saturation flux density Bs mT 360 (1194A/m)
Remanence Br mT 100
Coercivity Hc A/m 12
Relative temp. factor (20 °C ~60 °C ) αμr x10-6/oC 3 ~ 5
Curie temperature Tc oC >100
Density δ kg/m2 5.0x 103
Resistivity ρ MΩ*m >1.0


  • No risk of explosion, flammability, reactivity, or health hazard


  • Absorption of lower electromagnetic waves
  • Wide frequency and fire-resistant
  • An electromagnetic absorbing material
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Precision-machined tiles for seamless installation
  • No physical degradation over time
  • Ultra-thin so takes up little space
  • Highly weather-resistant


  • EMC electromagnetic-wave anechoic chamber
  • Electromagnetic-wave reflection of buildings
  • Electromagnetic-wave absorption
  • Electromagnetic reflection problems
  • ANSIC63.4, CISPR16-1-4, IEC61000-4-3
  • Prevents TV ghost

Performance characteristics (3600-M)

Performance characteristics (3600-M)

Please note: These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

vhf ferrite absorber tiles dimensions
Part number Dimensions Weight Typical Reflection Loss (dB)
A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) Kg/sqm 30MHz 100MHz 200MHz 300MHz 500MHz 700MHz 1GHz
3600 100 (±0.1) 100 (±0.1) 6.75 (±0.1) 10 (±0.1) 34 -18 -27 -36 -25 -20 -15 -12
3600 600 (±0.1) 600 (±0.1) 6.75 (±0.1) 10 (±0.1)

Please note: These ferrite tiles are very thin, which can save more space for chamber installation. The tiles are non-flammable and they can be fully suitable for high-power test chambers. Ferrite tiles can be screwed directly on to the shielded housing; installation is very easy. Even after many years the effect of the ferrite tiles still will not be degraded.

Supplied as 600 x 600mm panels (optionally available)

Both the 3600 VHF ferrite absorber tile and the 3610 UHF ferrite absorber tile are optionally available in the panel format of 36 Ferrite absorber tiles.

VHF ferrite absorber tiles pane format
VHF -ferrite absorber tiles pane format example

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