Amucor shielded box

Amucor shielded box

Box with amucor lined inside. Easy transport and prototyping

The shielded box covered with amucor can easily be made for small runs, the box is easy to transport and ideal for prototyping. Optionally custom made for your application. The box can be made with MDF (for bigger sizes) or in acrylic material (for smaller boxes). Due to the material the box is very light weight and portable. The construction of the box is made with a separate cover, which fits into the box.

The shielding performance can be improved with extra tape or a conductive seal at the corners and/or with an emi gasket on the cover. Optionally we can also make the bigger size boxes with our filter modules

For more information about amucor see or Amucor faraday cage.

 Amucor shielding performance

Please note: These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.


  • Light weight
  • Cost-effective
  • Portable
  • Made for small runs
  • Ideal for prototyping
  • With filter modules (bigger sizes)


Partnumber Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
ASB-150-100-100 150 100 100
ASB-200-150-150 200 150 150
ASB-400-300-300 400 300 300
ASB-600-500-500 600 500 500


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