EMF / EMI shielded gloves

The Finger Faraday Cage!

For those of you who experience (or want to prevent) ES symptoms in your hands Holland Shielding Systems has developed electromagnetic protective gloves (SG).


Some people experience ES symptoms when using a computer keyboard, laptop, cell phone, dECT phone or other electronic devices.

These gloves are also used in industry for static control when working with delicate static sensitive components and can even be used for TENS applications. Grounding is not necessary for Faraday Cage shielding effect, but is necessary for static control.

Also useful on touch screens like an iGlove.

Technical details

These gloves form a conductive enclosure and effectively shield radio waves and electric fields. Soft, light weight, stretchable, and offering good tactile sensitivity.

These gloves offer the conductivity of silver with lycra-like stretch.

This medical grade silver plated 76% Nylon, 24% elastic fiber fabric offers the unique ability to stretch in all directions. Silver coating is 99.9% pure. Silver/gray color. Very unique!

  • Shielding performance: 30-50 dB, tested from 1-10 GHz
  • Temperature range: -30 to 90°C
  • Surface resistivity is < 0.5 Ohm/sq.


  • Single layer version for standard performance
  • Double layer version for high performance. Shielding effectiveness up to 100dB reduction in a high frequency range.
Prevent ES symptoms with our EMF / EMI shielded gloves
For high shielding performance there is also a double layer version available
Our shielded gloves are made of a conductive stretch fabric making them suitable for any hand
Our shielded gloves are made of a conductive stretch fabric making them suitable for any hand


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