1900 - 1950 series PCB shielding housings/enclosures

Single and double layer EMI shielding housings & enclosures in standard sizes or made according customer drawing.

We produce Mu-copper EMI shielding housings (1900 series) in all shapes and sizes. These shielding housings need to be placed in an existing for example plastic housing since they are not strong enough to serve as the electronics housing on it's own. This is the most economical solution when your existing electronics enclosure does not provide sufficient electromagnetic shielding.

However, we also produce very nice looking dual layer electronics housings, which can be provided with all possible slots needed for your electronics enclosure. Think of cutouts for buttons, ports, displays and more. The Double layer shielded housings can also be supplied with your company logo. The product can be made entirely according to your drawing.

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EMI housings/enclosures

1900 series Mu-copper housings and enclosures for EMI shielding of PCB's.

Double EMI shielded housings

1950 series High performance double-layer shielded enclosures, producible it in any shape or size

EMI foil forming

We provide customized solutions for EMI shields, grounding contacts, flexible antenna paths, electrical ...

XYZ shielded enclosures

1920 series These EMI shielding enclosures shield very well, since the two halves are entirely complementary and close ...