1500 - 1800 series PCB shielding cans & compartment shields

PCB shielding cans for printed circuit boards. These cans need to be fixed to the PCB with shielding clips or pins. Can be delivered with or without cooling holes.

Clip-on PCB shielding system

1500 series EMI/RFI shielding and screening cans/covers for printed circuit boards

Compartment shield for PCBs

1800 series Compartment shield 1800 series for PCB’s was developed to shield only a part of the printed circuit board

PCB shielding - High volume production

High volume PCB shielding is possible from 1.000-250.000+ items

Clip-on PCB shielding cans with cover

1505 series A fence and a removable cover creating a very rigid shielding can for printed circuit boards. The fence need ...

Drawn board level shields

1700 series EMI/RFI Drawn screening and shielding cans/covers for PCB’s

Fixed PCB shields

1600 series Used to create EMI/RFI-shielded compartments on a PCB

Fixed PCB shielding cans

1510 series PCB shielding cans with teeth in order to glue the can onto the PCB. No clips are needed for mounting.

Fixed PCB shielding cans with removable lid

1515 series The same as the 1510 series but with a removable lid for easy maintenance.