1500 - 1800 series PCB shielding cans & compartment shields

EMI shields on circuit board level. In this productgroup you can find PCB shields for shielding a part of a printed circuit board. This is to shields at the noise source or to protect the sensitive chip against electromagnetic interference.

Fixed PCB shielding cans

1510 series The same as the 1500 series Clip -on PCB shielding cans, but with teeth or feets in order to glue the can onto ...

Clip-on PCB shielding system

1500 series EMI/RFI shielding and screening cans/covers for printed circuit boards. These cans/covers need to be fixed ...

Fixed series

1600 series A regid frame system used to make EMI/RFI shielded compartments on a PCB. Optional it can be deliverd with ...

Drawn board level shields

1700 series EMI/RFI Drawn screening and shielding cans/covers voor PCB's. Please note, these shield cans can not be ...

Compartment shield

1800 series Fence in combination with an electrically conductive foam which is to be stuck in your housing and is ...

PCB shielding - High volume production

High volume PCB shielding is possible from 1.000-250.000+ items

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