high quality insulation draft strap

Energy saving strip to place around windows and doors against draft

Drafts easily come through cracks in doors and windows. By placing thehigh quality insulation draft-strip you ensure that the doors or windows are properly sealed. By placing the strips you save energy and pays for itself within a few months.

The strips are made of a polyurethane foam core and an amucor outer layer. These are available in 4 x 4 and 9 x 6 mm and can be ordered up to a maximum length of 1000 meters!

Rolls of Price
10 meter €1,50 per meter
50 meter €1,35 per meter
250 meter €1,00 per meter
1000 meter €0,98 per meter


amucor on roll
available on roll


  • Energy saving
  • Easy to install. huge gap range
  • long lifetime due to metal outside
  • installation tool just pair of scissors
  • Noise reduction


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Select an option:
4x4 : 4 x 4 mm
9x6 : 9 x 6 mm
Select an option:
10 : 10 meter €1,50 per meter
50 : 50 meter €1,35 per meter
250 : 250 meter €1,00 per meter
1000 : 1000 meter €0,98 per meter
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