XYZ Enclosures for EMI shielding 1920 series

Custom size EMI shielding enclosures, for standard price and no tooling cost.

The XYZ EMI shielding housings not just have a fresh new modern look but but also shield very well. They can be supplied in any size within just a few days.

The shielded housing is made up of only two parts, however, when it is open, it is open on three sides of the housing. This makes assembly very easy.

It can be produced in 3mm thick aluminum or 2mm thick stainless steel (other thickness and materials on request).

For good electrical contact and easy opening of the housing there is made use of sophisticated snap-on fingers, bolts and/or locks which result in controlled accesses to the inside. The round corners gives the housing a friendly look and feel, but the housing is also rigid and molest -proof.


  • The box can be fully personalized with your logo.
  • Cutouts on all 6 sides for displays, ventilation panels, connectors, powersupply, cable entries, switches, buttons and so on.
  • At the interior mounting holes, thread- spuds.
  • Can be supplied with EMI power- and or signal line filters (see Data- and power line-filters)


  • Quick open/close system
  • Easy accesses components inside
  • Any not standard size in a few days
  • Plain / stylish design
  • Customization outside with cut outs for data- and power lines
  • Good shielding properties


  • Shielding of electronic components
  • Rigid, so very well for heavy duty military applications
  • Hand-held test and measurement devices
  • Radio control equipment
  • Wall-mounted monitoring systems
  • Security devices
  • Building control equipment

Data- and power line-filters

This housing can be personalized with power line, USB, VGA, Flat cable etc.

Some example of custom-made XYZ shielding enclosures for EMI shielding
Some example of custom-made XYZ shielding enclosures for EMI shielding
Example of a XYZ Shielded enclosure with the enclosure open
Example of a XYZ Shielded enclosure with the enclosure open

Shielding performance (dB)

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Please note : These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may vary in other situations; please read our Guarantee.

Technical drawing

XYZ shielding enclosure technical drawing
Technical drawing of the XYZ Shielding enclosures

Standard sizes

Part number X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm)
1920-79x84x44 79 84 44
1920-79x84x67 79 84 67
1920-100x85x44 100 85 44
1920-100x100x90 100 100 90
1920-127x125x60 127 125 60
1920-127x125x90 127 125 90
1920-130x85x44 130 85 44
1920-130x85x97 130 85 67
1920-150x100x75 150 100 75
1920-150x125x125 150 125 125
1920-166x166x60 166 166 60
1920-166x166x100 166 166 100
1920-180x85x44 180 85 44
1920-180x85x67 180 85 67
1920-200x150x75 200 150 75
1920-200x200x150 200 200 150
1920-226x126x60 226 126 60
1920-226x126x90 226 126 90
1920-250x150x90 250 150 90
1920-250x200x120 250 200 120
1920-250x250x250 250 250 250
1920-268x168x60 268 168 60
1920-268x168x100 268 168 100
1920-300x200x100 300 200 100
1920-300x250x200 300 250 200
1920-300x300x300 300 300 300
1920-350x250x150 350 250 150
1920-350x300x250 350 300 250
1920-350x350x350 350 350 350
1920-400x300x200 400 300 200
1920-400x350x300 400 350 300
1920-400x400x400 400 400 400


Big rectangular shaped PCB shielding cans
A) Snap connection. for easy open/closing
B) Watertight housing
C) Bolted connection, when you don't need to open the housing often
D) Internal EMI shield without environmental 10KHZ-1GHz
E) Housing with Knitted mesh gasket
F) Sandwich. Conductive rubber gasket in between housing.
G) Shielded window
H) Spuds for PCB


Custom sizes and shapes can be produced on request and according to your drawing. Send your drawing to request a quote for a custom shape to [email protected].


Would you like to...


To get a quotation for XYZ shielded enclosures within 24 hours fill in the form below.

Select an option:
XYZs : XYZ shielded enclosure standard size
XYZc : XYZ shielded enclosure custom size
Select an option:
79x84x44 : 79mm x 84mm x 44mm
79x84x67 : 79mm x 84mm x 67mm
100x85x44 : 100mm x 85mm x 44mm
127x125x60 : 127mm x 125mm x 60mm
127x125x90 : 127mm x 125mm x 90mm
130x85x44 : 130mm x 85mm x 44mm
130x85x97 : 130mm x 85mm x 97mm
150x100x75 : 150mm x 100mm x 75mm
150x125x125 : 150mm x 125mm x 125mm
166x166x60 : 166mm x 166mm x 60mm
166x166x100 : 166mm x 166mm x 100mm
180x85x44 : 180mm x 85mm x 44mm
180x85x67 : 180mm x 85mm x 67mm
200x150x75 : 200mm x 150mm x 75mm
200x200x150 : 200mm x 200mm x 150mm
226x126x60 : 226mm x 126mm x 60mm
226x126x90 : 226mm x126mm x 90mm
250x150x90 : 250mm x 150mm x 90mm
250x200x120 : 250mm x 200mm x 120mm
250x250x250 : 250mm x 250mm x 250mm
268x168x60 : 268mm x 168mm x 60mm
268x168x100 : 268mm x 168mm x 100mm
300x200x100 : 300mm x 200mm x 100mm
300x250x200 : 300mm x 250mm x 200mm
300x300x300 : 300mm x 300mm x 300mm
350x250x150 : 350mm x 250mm x 150mm
350x300x250 : 350mm x 300mm x 250mm
350x350x350 : 350mm x 350mm x 350mm
400x300x200 : 400mm x 300mm x 200mm
400x350x300 : 400mm x 350mm x 300mm
400x400x400 : 400mm x 400mm x 400mm
Specify the length in mm
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Please fill in one of the options from above:
A,B, C, D, E, F, G or I
Multiple closure options are also possible.

* Note: The red blocks are required
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