thermoplastic EMI RFI shielded hoses

Thermoplastic EMI/RFI shielded hoses 4945

Shielding hoses with aluminium layer for EMI/RFI shielding of cables.

The Thermoplastic EMI/RFI shielded hoses having a construction for the protection for your cabling from the in- and outside. Due to its aluminium interlayer, it has a high shielding efficiency and suitable for EMI/RFI applications.

The outside is made from a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE/TPU) while the inside is made from PP copolymer (PPc) which is a UL94-HB pipe, with the aluminium layer in between. This construction gives you a good seal and shielding performance. The hoses can be used at a temperature range from 5 up to max. 90° C.

The hoses are available in an internal diameter of 6.7 mm and 12.6 mm and can be made to the lengths up to 100 m. The hoses are lightweight, very flexible and are easy to install. We advise using the 2 layers solution since this results to be more flexible and mechanically resistant.

Shielding connector

thermoplastic EMI RFI shielded hoses connectors

There are two options available for terminals for ground connections :

Connector 1
Connector 1 has a metal spring around for ground connection and is a low-cost solution.

Connector 2
Connector 2 has a metal spring for 360 safe ground connection and 3 O-rings for dust and humidity protection preventing electrical contact with oxidation.


  • High shielding performance 
  • Very flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • High coverage
  • Abrasion and weathering resistance

Available internal diameters

  • 6.7 mm
  • 12.6 mm

Shielding performance: Transfer impedance

thermoplastic EMI RFI shielded hoses shielding performancefransfer impedance

The graph above shows the difference in terms of transfer impedance between the reference (copper braid),  a single aluminium and double layer of aluminium (with PET interlayer) of 4945 in the range of 1-100MHz.

Shielding performance: screening attenuation

thermoplastic EMI RFI shielded hosesshielding performance screening attenuation

The graph above shows the difference in terms of screening attenuation between the reference (copper braid), a single aluminium and double layer of aluminium (with PET interlayer) of 4945 showing superior performance at frequency above 30 MHz (note that the more negative the attenuation is, the better the shielding performance of the screen).


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