Gray conductive shielding shoes

High silver content which makes the shielding effect very well.

These shielding shoes are perhaps the easiest way to stay grounded when you are at home inside you house or on the go in your car.

How it works

Static dissipation to zero volts is accomplished in less than 0.1 seconds on any conductive surface. Keeps body voltage low.

Use outdoor street

Please note that these shoes can not be used on rough surfaces such as outside on the street. The sole of the shoe can not withstand this. If you want to use the shielding shoes outside on the street, you should wear these in flip flops or sandals.


The shielded shoes can be supplied in any size. Send your shoe size so we can offer the right size

What our customers tell

"I got a pair these shielding shoes and a (ground) cord. That evening I received them I put the socks on, connected them to the ground wire and sat down behind my computer to surf the web. I woke up 2 hours later, still on the same webpage I had started on. I took the socks off and got ready for bed. When I went to bed, I went to sleep immediately and slept about 8 or 9 hours. Such calmness in my body, I have not felt before. As I was walking around the next morning, I noticed that the pain in my hips and knees was almost unnoticeable."

A.R., Peterson CA

Shielded shoes
Shielded shoes


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