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Shielded briefcases

The briefcase blocks wireless communication & sound recordings

These briefcases block wireless communication such as communication with a mobile phone in the case. The briefcases are also very good in preventing eavesdropping.

Optionally this briefcase can also be delivered with an acoustic enhancement upgrade. This means that it is also not possible to make sound recordings with any sound recording device inside the case.

Standard types

These EMI shielded briefcases can be made in any custom size.
However, we have two standard sizes in stock.

Part number Size

Outside dimensions 400 x 150 x 500 mm

SSBC-400-250-500 Outside dimensions 400 x 250 x 500 mm


  • Put all the equipment of staff in the briefcases at secret meetings / Important decisions that can not be brought out.
  • Put all your mobile equipment in the case when you do not want to be found/traced. To stay off the radar.
  • Secret service, government, military applications.


  • No wireless communication with devices inside the case
  • No visual communication with devices inside the case
  • A case that fully shields and protects against leakage of data

Notice: For this product, there are no free samples available


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SSBC stands for Shielded BriefCase
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