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Mu-ferro magnetic shielding for rooms/chambers or for electronic devices.

Holland Shielding Systems BV has developed a range of products and turnkey solutions to shield items from magnetic fields. For more information, please click on one of the following magnetic-shielding products or solutions.

Magnetic-shielding products

6800 series

Mu-ferro 6800 series for magnetic shielding of transformer rooms

Low-frequency shielding for:
- Transformer rooms
- Power lines
- Busbar systems
- Nearby high-voltage cables, etc.

6800 HD series

Mu-ferro 6800 series for magnetic shielding of electronic devices and PCB's

Mu-ferro 6800-HD has been developed for magnetic shielding of electronic devices and PCBs.

Mu-ferro tape
3208 series

Mu-ferro tape for magnetic shielding of cables

The main applications of Mu-ferro tape are in shielding flexible cables with small diameters and rapid and flexible solutions for problems at low field strengths.

Turnkey Mu-ferro 6800 series magnetic-shielding solutions

Transformer shielding

Electromagnetic shielding for transformer rooms

Turnkey solution for shielding transformer rooms.

Cable trunking

Magnetic shielding for cables and cable routes

Turnkey solution for shielding cables and cable routes in hospitals, laboratories and workplaces.

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