8040 series Power line filters for ground wire

Frequency range of 14KHz till 40 GHz, attenuation of 100dB

Just like power lines, ground wires connect the entire facility together. All human-reachable surfaces of electrical equipment must be at ground potential for safety reason. While safety practices are always a good idea, a side effect of such connection is that if one piece of equipment injects noise into ground for whatever reason (miswiring, improper design, poor maintenance, etc.), this noise propagates throughout the facility and enters other equipment. Ground filters are capable of reducing this noise while maintaining all safety practices.

If you are concerned about noise in your environment, ground filter is a good way to mitigate the problem.

Stages of filter

8040 series Power line filters for ground wire
8040 series Power line filters for ground wire


  • Suitable for use under extreme conditions (military applications)
  • Wear resistant
  • Insensitive for corrosion


  • S3 rooms
  • Shielded room
  • Shielded cabinet
  • Anechoic chamber


  • Rated Voltage: 250VAC, 500VDC
  • Operating Frequency: 0-60Hz
  • Voltage drop: Less than 1V @ unity power factor.

Product range

Type IR (A) Outline drawing Shielding Effectiveness (dB)
8040-16 16 1 100dB, 14k-40GHz
8040-32 32
8040-63 63
8040-100 100 2
8040-150 150
8040-200 200
8040-250 250

Dimensional Diagrams

Diagram 1
Diagram 1
Diagram 2
Diagram 2


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