1580 - PCB marray gaskets

What is SMarraycon?

"SMarraycon" is an electricity connector having Min. 2 separated electric patterns, and will be attached on PCB by SMT(Surface Mountable
Technology) or PSA(Pressure Sensitive Adhesive).
It has good elastic and electric property, so, it offer not only
mechanical cushion, but also electric connecting and
grounding between electric objects and PCB. The separated
electric patterns provided by Photo-etching will be respectively
connected to each electric object for Z-axle multi-electric connecting.
It will be used as EMI/RF gaskets or electric connectors.

Z-axle Multiconnection

Structure and Features:

Solid type

Tube type
  • Width: Min. 2mm~, Length: Min. 2mm~, Height: 0.6mm~.
  • Min. Electric pattern pitch: Min. 0.06mm~, Electric resistance: typical 0.05ohm
  • Rating : -35℃ ~160℃(Soldering Type), Hardness of Silicone Rubber : Shore A 50

Main characteristics

  • Lower electric resistance and low compression force.
  • Fine & precise pitch available. SMT type is standard and PSA type is option.
  • Halogen Free, Eu-RoHS, Non-Flammable (UL 94V). Bulk or Reel packing available.


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