Conductive foils & fabrics

Holland Shielding Systems BV EMI Shielding Foil and Fabrics are designed for applications requiring reliable grounding, EMI shielding, ESD protection and static charge draining.

4711 - Conductive textile

Conductive textile is a nylon ribstop, metalized with Cu/Ni, extreme strong and flexible. Very easy to appy to plastic ...

4900 - Stretch conductive fabric

Stretch conductive fabric is coated with a medical silver coating and it's possible to stretch the fabric in both ...

3281 - Mu-copper foil

Smooth Mu-copper foil with a (conductive) acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and liner. The unplated copper with ...

4701 - Amucor foil

The reinforced Amucor foil is both cost effective and heat resistant. This thin foil can be applied easily to any surface ...

4706 - Amucor foil with a reinforcement net

Amucor foil with reinforcement net for EMI shielding where a strong but also very wide shielding film is required

3286 - Aluminum foil

Especially developed for aluminium housings and frames to prevent galvanic corrosion

4770 - Conductive non-woven fabric

 Copper/Nickel conductive non-woven fabric for EMI shielding applications