Faraday cages and components

We are specialized in the contruction of Faraday cages in any desired attenuation at the desired frequency. We produce all the components such as power and signal line filters, windows, doors, ventilation, and more.

Prefabricated Faraday cages

Our prefabricated self-standing modular Faraday cages offer superior screening of RF/LF/HF signals, e.g. ...

Mu-copper cages

Mu-Copper foil has high attenuation properties in the electrical field (up to 120 dB) as well as in the ...

Amucor Faraday cage

Amucor foil has high attenuation properties in the electrical field (up to 100 dB) as well as in the ...

Anechoic chambers

The Anechoic Chambers show superb shielding performance and are mainly applied in EM emission testing ...

Faraday cage doors

EMI/RFI/EMP Shielded doors for the use in faraday cages and EMI/RFI shielded rooms

RF shielded racks

Create EMI shielding metal racks and enclosures

Power and signal line filters

Power and signal line filters designed for high performance shielded cabinets, shielded rooms and anechoic ...

Jammer shielding

A signaljammer car must be shielded to protect the people who drive the car against the massive ...

Car shielding (also for jammers)

Shielding for (signal-jammer)cars, secure data communications from the car and shielding for ...

Honeycomb vents

9500 series EMI shielded ventilation panels for ventilation and heating inside the Faraday cage

High performance Faraday cage windows

Ready to install Faraday cage windows. These windows guarantee very high EMI / RFI / EMC shielding ...

Nonflammable high power handling absorbers

3680 series Nonflammable high power handing EM absorbers for anechoic chambers.

UHF Ferrite absorber tiles

3610 series These tiles are a relatively new development and are used when a relatively high absorption, and a compact ...

MRI shielding

Make use of our advanced techniques and revolutionary design ideas necessary to build dependable, ...

Mesh foil windows

9700 series Ready to install EMI/RFI shielded mesh foil windows

Shielded faraday tents

Cost effective instant Faraday tent for EMC experiments, RF measurements, mobile military / forensic ...


7850 series Metal tubes designed to block electromagnetic waves for non metalic materials

Crypto currency protection

New technology that prevents your bitcoins from being stolen during transaction is the bitcoin tent.

Shielded wood - door

In development a wooden door for MRI and medical rooms