Electrically conductive tapes

Conductive tapes for EMI shielding. These materials are used to shield plastic housing, cables and enclosures against undesirable electromagnetic signals. These tapes are also used to close seams in electrical enclosures and faraday cages. (Select one of the EMI shielding tapes below to continue)

Mu-copper tape

3200 series series Mu-copper tape has superb shielding performance (also at low frequencies), can be soldered and can easily ...

Amucor tape

4700 series series Amucor foil and tape for EMI shielding. Amucor foil or tape can be used to shield plastic housings and ...

Aluminum tape

3203 series Developed espacially for EMI/RFI shielding/screening in aluminum housings and frames to prevent galvanic ...

Contact surface tape

3204 series A metal tape with a highly conductive self-adhesive on one side and masking tape on the other side.

Mounting tape

3205 series Electrically conductive mounting tape for conductivity and EMI shielding

Mu-ferro tape

3208 series Mu-ferro foil and tape has been developed for low-frequency (LF) magnetic field shielding

Conductive textile tape

4712 series Conductive textile tape with standard adhesive or Conductive textile tape with conductive adhesive

Conductive foam tape

5775 series Electric conductive open cell foam elastomer with highly compressible and superior resilience property

Semiconductive non-woven

4771 series Semiconducting material that is suitable for ESD applications.