EMI / RFI shielded boxes

Mobile Faraday cages for transporting resources where data communication needs to be blocked. Think eg of forensic investigations.

Shielded and sound proof briefcase

These suitcases block wireless communication such as a communication with a mobile phone in the case. It is ...

Low frequency shielded box

Mu-ferro shielded box specially developed for shielding low frequency fields.

Medium shielded experiment box

Medium shielded experiment box series To block wireless communication during testing and measurements working size 230(W)*320(D)*160(H)

Medium desktop measurement box

Medium desktop measurement box series shielded box for testing/ measurement working size 450(W)*530(D)*435(H)

Automatic test box

Automatic test box series Test box with automatic open & closure system. Working size 433 x 440 x 313 mm.

Big mobile measurement box

Big mobile measurement box series Big size shielded box for laboratory purposes working size 698(W)*686(D)*696(H)

High performance shielded boxes

Up to 120 dB attenuation over a wide frequency range. Shielded box for wireless testing & forensics ...

Investigation box (with gloves & window)

Investigation box (with gloves & window) series Investigation box with build in led light and shielded gloves working size 500(W)*400(D)*406(H)

Compact desktop measurement box

Compact desktop measurement box series Shielded box for testing. Working size 350(W)*400(D)*300(H)

Compact shielded experiment box

Compact shielded experiment box series To block wireless communication during testing and measurements. Working size 200(W)*334(D)*115(H)

filter modules for shielded boxes

filter modules series Shielded boxes can be extended with different types of filters.