data safe with tempest protection

Data safe with tempest protection


Is "the cloud" safe enough for you? Since steeling of data is more and more important there is a need for Emission Security (EMSEC) in combination with data storage.

In these physical heavy safes is a 3 or 5 station 

TEMPEST (Telecommunications Electronics Materials Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions) is a way to protect your most essential data.

When data is in the cloud, that means that it is storage over 5 location in different countries, So 5 times the chance that this can be stolen. for cloud mean a data-center. A data center that can be entered, physical with unsolicited staff of with violence or external be manipulated.

The Data Safe is made that it can protect your data and your hardware against unauthorized access, electronic eavesdropping and against electromagnetic pulse (EMP)


  • EMC-Filter 
  • Honey comb filter for ventilation
  • 6-way branch socket and 19 "rack placed inside
  • 3 fans with programmable thermostat control.
  • Holes for anchoring in the floor

Partnumber & specifications

Part number product description Performance
DS-32-2-PL  32A, 2 line, 230VLPL, 50Hz HEMP passive EMI filter 80dB 10MHz to 1GHz
DS-63-4-PL  63A, 4 line, 415VLPL, 50Hz HEMP passive EMI filter  80dB 10MHz to 1GHz


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