Conductive Graphite filled rubber 5755-S

The rubber is made conductive by incorporating small conductive raphite particles throughout the material.

The rubber is made conductive by incorporating small conductive Graphite particles throughout the material. It can provide an EMI-proof and watertight seal in narrow constructions.

5755-S Electrically conductive Graphite filled rubbers are typically used for ESD and EMI shielding applications.

Due to its quite excellent conductivity, grounding, and EMI shielding effect, it is well suited for ESD application in electronics equipment. The rubber can be manufactured in various shapes such as sheets, molded parts, die-cut, strips, o-rings, etc.


  • Excellent conductivity on the entire surface
  • Excellent electromagnetic shielding effect
  • Easy die-cutting, kiss-cutting and slitting
  • Temperature ranges of -60 to +185 ºC (under certain circumstances, tolerance can be up to 220 ºC)
  • Available up to 10 mm thick rubber
Conductive Graphite filled rubber
Conductive graphite filled rubber

Conductive adhesive information (Conductive PSA)

Property Unit Outcome Test method
Surface resistance Ω/sq <0.10 MIL-DTL-83528C
Adhesive strength g/25mm 850 ASTM D 3330
Conductive PSA - Acrylic + Ni -
Liner - paper, Film -

Technical properties

Filler Graphite
Base polymer Silicone
Width (mm) 600 x 600 (larger sizes on request)
Thickness (mm) 0.8 to 5 (thicker on request)
Elongation, %, min. 50
Flame resistance, UL94 (horizontal) HB
Flame resistance, UL94 (vertical) V-0
Volume resistance, Ohm-cm
(expression of conductivity)
Shore A (1 mm thickness): 71
Shore A (2 mm thickness) 75
Tensile strength. psi, min. 50

Shielding effectiveness (dB)

100 MHz 70
500 MHz 70
1 GHz 80
10 GHz 55
These values are measured under laboratory conditions. Results may differ in other situations - please read our Guarantee.

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