Conductive foils & fabrics

Conductive tapes for EMI shielding. These materials are used to shield plastic housing, cables and enclosures against undesirable electromagnetic signals. These tapes are also used to close seams in electrical enclosures and faraday cages. (Select one of the EMI shielding tapes below to continue)

Conductive textile

4711 series Conductive textile is a nylon ribstop, metalized with Cu/Ni, extreme strong and flexible. Very easy to appy ...

Stretch conductive fabric

4900 series Stretch conductive fabric is coated with a medical silver coating and it's possible to stretch the fabric ...

Mu-copper foil

3281 series Smooth Mu-copper foil with a (conductive) acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and liner. The unplated ...

Aluminum foil

3286 series Especially developed for aluminium housings and frames to prevent galvanic corrosion.

Amucor foil with a reinforcement net

4706 series Amucor foil with reinforcement net for EMI shielding where a strong but also very wide shielding film is ...

Amucor foil

4701 series The reinforced Amucor foil is both cost effective and heat resistant. This thin foil can be applied easily ...

Conductive non-woven fabric

4770 series Copper/Nickel conductive non-woven fabric for EMI shielding applications.

shielded foil

Mu-ferro series Magnetic shielding sheets that are tin and flexible with a high permeability.