6600 series - Clip-on EMI/RFI heavy-duty shielding gasket

Clip-on EMI heavy-duty gaskets, specifically designed for heavy-duty applications

Clip-on EMI gaskets heavy-duty

The clip-on gasket heavy-duty is a flexible rubber tube with all-metal cladding. The large range of the clip makes it extremely easy to mount and it guarantees solid mechanical attachment of the EMI-shielding gasket without the use of adhesives.

The metal cladding is corrosion resistant and offers both excellent EMI shielding and electrical conductivity. The hollow rubber provides low closure force and good spring properties, making it ideal to use for EMI shielding, grounding and static discharge (ESD) or as an alternative for finger strips.

The clip-on gasket can bend up to 90 degrees and can be clipped on to plate material of between 0.5 and 3 mm thick. It can be delivered in continuous lengths or short, pre-cut sections.

The Clip-on EMi gasket are very easy to compress and have a high compression range
The Clip-on EMI gasket is very easy to compress and has a high compression range


  • EMI / EMC shielding
  • Static discharge (ESD) / grounding
  • Electrical connections
  • Doors / lids
  • Medical / military
  • General electronics


  • Non toxic
  • Continuous length (up to 10 metres)
  • High spring / compression range
  • Extremely high shielding performance
  • Superb electrical conductivity
  • Easy to mount
Big side clip-on EMI gasket (part number 6680) clipped on 2 mm steel
Big side clip-on EMI gasket (Part number 6680) clipped on to 2 mm steel
Small clip-on gasket (part number 6685), bended 90 degrees. The gasket is very flexible and therefore easy to bend
Small clip-on gasket (Part number 6685), bent 90 degrees. The gasket is very flexible and therefore easy to bend
Big side clip-on shielding gasket, highly flexible
Big side clip-on shielding gasket, highly flexible

Technical data

  • Shielding effectiveness >100 dB (10 KHz - 22 GHz)
  • Electrical resistance 0.004 Ohms / square cm
  • Temp. range -40 to +100 degrees Celsius
  • Standard delivered in sections of 2 meters


Clip-on EMI shield technical drawing
Clip-on EMI shield, technical drawing
ProfileA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)
6680 14.5 15.6 22 1 to 3.5
6685 9 16 9 0.5 to 2.0
6690 10 21 11 1 to 3
6695 9,5 9 8,7 0.5 to 2.0

* The table above shows our standard shapes which can be delivered from stock. But we also have 264 other Clip-on EMI/RFI-shielding gasket shapes available. Please click here to see all possible shapes.

Technical drawings

6690 Big clip-on shield
Part number 6690 : Big clip-on gasket
6685 Small clip-on shield
Part number 6685 : Small clip-on gasket
6680 Big side clip-on shield
Part number 6680 : Big side clip-on gasket
6695 Side clip-on shield
Part number 6695 : Side clip-on gasket


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