Before measuring EMC support

Online service to assist you with advice and action based on your photos and / or drawings of your design.

We have more than 40 years of EMC experience and like to share this experience with you.

When a product or system is designed  you can save money when our  experience engineers have a look at this. Some of our test- engineers even do not need an instrument to tell you if a product will fail or not.

This service will save you money because you do not have to perform a compliance test multiple times if your device passed the first time.

You get  30 minutes of support for free, most of the times this is enough to get a correct product or solution.

Engineering test support in any stage of the product, idea, primary design proto, finished product. In-house and on site. Our EMI/EMC engineers have decades of experience in all kinds of radiated and conducted susceptibility  and immunity problems. from the device internal or external sources.

Get in contact for our before measuring EMC support service
Get in contact for our before measuring EMC support service

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