Adhesive EMC bandage 7470

EMC removable sealing for gaps or joints

The adhesive EMC bandage is a easy solution to cover up your gaps and joints on your construction. The bandage works like a band aid with an cussion in the center to fill up your gaps and is made of a adhesive strip on top and a conductive gasket below with a compression rate of 80%.

The product can be made be ordered with a standard adhesive and a conductive version as well but can also be made in the lenth of your application. The bandage can be ordered on a roll up to 50 meters and can be easaly cut with a scissor to the length that you've desire. On request the bandage can be made in a bigger version than the standard 30 mm width.

adhesive EMC bandage high compression to fill up your gaps and joints
Partnumber Length (m)
7250-2 2
7250-4 4
7250-6 6
7250-10 10
7250-20  20
7250-50  50


  • Easy covering your gaps and joints
  • Compressing gasket up to 80%
  • Easy and quick instalation
  • Available on roll or your desired length
  • Optional conductive adhesive possible
  • Can be cut easily

adhesive EMC bandage technical drawing

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