EM absorbtion

In this product section you will find materials and solutions for shielding low frequency magnetic fields.

3500 - EM absorber foam

This RoHS compliant coated open cell foam is used as an microwave absorbing material, especially for application with frequencies of 1 untill 17 GHz.

5796 - Rubber pyramid absorber

For absorbing electromagnetic radiation in a wide frequency range

3695 - High power SiC pyramid absorber

High-power silicon carbide pyramid absorbing material

3690 - High power handing microporous pyramid absorbers

Microporous pyramid absorbers can support inside and outside ventilation circulation

3680 - Nonflammable high power handling absorbers

Nonflammable high power handing EM absorbers for anechoic chambers

3670 - PU foam based wedge absorbers

The main advantage is to reduce the back scattering of pyramid absorbers and obtain higher quietness of quiet zone

3660 - PU foam based Hybrid absorbers

Specially developed for EMC anechoic chamber. PU foam based Hybrid absorbers for EMC anechoic chamber

3650 - PU foam based flat absorbers

These absorbers can be used at higher frequencies than traditional shielding and can also be used with other EMI/RFI shields to extend frequency range

3640 - Broadband hybrid pyramidal absorbers

These PU foam bases pyramide absorbers are the most popular solution for 3m, 5m and 10m EMC chambers in the market

5780 - EMI absorber sheets

Developed for electromagnetic wave absorber and noise suppression. They can eliminate noise effectively.

5795 - Rubber flat narrowband absorber

 Rubber flat narrowband absorber is a thin flexible narrow band resonating radar absorbent.

5790 - High performance EMI absorber sheets

You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching EM absorber and noise suppression sheets simply on the part of noise sources

3600 - VHF Ferrite absorber tiles

These tiles are used when relatively high absorption and a compact solution is required (-15 to -25 dB <100MHz).

3630 - Wide band hybrid pyramide EM absorbers

Performs very well in wideband (30MHz to 18GHz)

3620 - Double layer ferrite absorber tiles

Special design for small EMC Anechoic Chamber to get excellent electromagnetic absorption performance in 30MHz to 2GHz

3610 - UHF Ferrite absorber tiles

These tiles are a relatively new development and are used when a relatively high absorption, and a compact solution is required (-15 to -25 dB @ <100MHz) (approximately 4 to ...