Cable shielding & entries

The cable shield can be grounded at one end, or both ends of the cable. You can use the 4920 series cable grounding clambs. Cable shielding can be supplied as a ready-made sleeve, on rolls or as a flexible shielding tube. It comes either in continuous lengths, on a reel or cut into lengths.

EMC line filters with integrated power inlet

We offer a wide range of general purpose power line filters with IEC connector. Power line filters have integrated power inlet optional with fuse holder, rocker switch, voltage ...

4700S - Ready-made sleeve

We have developed a cost effective EMI protection for flat cables. It easily protects these sensitive sources against disturbances.

4700R - Flexible cable shield

Flexible cable shield for EMI shielding of flexible cables. Branches are easy to realize.

4730-4760 - Wrapshield

Wrapshield is a knitted wire mesh for EMI cable shielding

4800 - Flexible shielding tube

A ready-to-use Mu-copper wire or tinned Mu-copper wire braided EMI shielding tube through which a cable or bundle of cables can be pulled.

8200 - Connector gasket

The 8200 series connector gaskets are EMI flange seals for electrical connectors, die-cut according to customer drawing. Connector gaskets are for EMI shielding and grounding of a ...

8250 - Shielded connector hoods

These shielded connector hoods are ideal for indoor signal or power applications requiring robustness and/or high EMI/RFI performance in the industrial and telecommunications ma...

3208 - Mu-ferro tape

Mu-ferro foil and tape has been developed for low-frequency (LF) magnetic field shielding

4910 - Entry shield

EMI / RFI Shielded cable entry system to mount, ground and shield several cables or bundles of cables simultaneously

4920 - Cable grounding clamps

hese clamps can be used as an end piece for cable shields such as the Wrapshield 4730-4760 series or Flexible shielding tube 4800 series

4930 - High performance Cable entry shield

Shielding, grounding and fixing of cables for the entries in your shielded enclosure

4950 - Cable shield tie-wraps

Easy to use tie-wrap solution to squeeze off the end of your cable shield

4955 - Cable connector shields

Easy connector shielding without replacing the whole connector

4960 - EMI/RFI cable entry glands

HF-Closed (EMC) Cable Entry Gland with metric and PG- line - nickel plated with IRIS-subspencion. Excellent EMP/RFI shielding for screened cables

4965 - High performance EMC cable glands

High performance cable gland to seal your shielded cable at the end both waterproof and EMC

8210 - Flat cable connector shield

Easy to be stuck to any connector to create a high shielding performance flat cable

8215 - HDMI cable connector shield

 Easy to be stuck to any HDMI connector to create a high shielding performance HDMI cable