Coatings, glues, thermal and lubricants

Many EMI problems can be solved with, for example, a coating or glue for applying a small dun conductive layer. This applies only to cases where only a slight reduction is required.

Many of these products are also suitable for ATEX and ESD application.

Conductive coating

For EMI/RFI shielding of plastic housings and plastic components

3800 - Conductive nickel coating

For EMI/RFI shielding of plastic housings and plastic components

3821 - Conductive transparent paint

Applications in lighting , windows, clear covers and lids, displays etc. Supplied as an aerosol for ease of application.

3830 - Silver coating

Silver-pigmented conductive coating for very high conductivity.

3838 - Conductive metalisation

For higher EMI/RFI-shielding demands and larger quantities we can sputter a fully metal, electrically conductive coating onto 90% of all commonly used plastics.

Conductive glue

Electrically conductive glue / Electrically conductive adhesive for EMI / RFI shielding and ESD applications

3980 - Electrically conductive glue (Shieldokit)

Shieldokit creates an electrically and thermally conductive connection between components

3985 - Conductive epoxy adhesive

Electrically conductive two part epoxy adhesive

3991 - Shieldoseal

Nickel graphite filled conductive 1-component sealing

Thermal interface material

Thermal grease and thermal pads are thermally conductive adhesive, which is commonly used as an interface between heat sinks and heat sources (e.g., high-power semiconductor devices). The grease and the pads give a mechanical strength to the bond between the heat sink and heat source, but more importantly, it eliminates air (which is a thermal insulator) from the interface area.

1110 - Silver-Filled Conductive Silicone Grease

An electrically conductive silicone grease for improving electrical connections between sliding surfaces and part