Measurements and services

We can carry out in-house Pre-compliance testing to determine if a device does not emit too much electromagnetic radiation or if a device is not too sensitive to radiation so that it may not function properly.

Also, we can carry out a measurement with a wide range of equipment at your location. This may be in order to map ambient fields or to determine where, for example, a new sensitive measuring room can be built.

Before CE testing

Save money when a product or system is designed you can let our experience engineers have a look at this. Some of our test- engineers even do not need an instrument to tell...

Emission and immunity test

Pre-compliance testing radiated emissions service for problem sources and localization of problem area's in complex setups. When problems are located we have a over 2000...

Measurements on location

Measurements can be carried out in the low-frequency spectrum (0 Hz DC - 30 MHz ) and carried out in the high-frequency spectrum (9 kHz -22 GHz) on a location specified by you

Measurements on faraday cages & enclosures

(SE) Shielded effectiveness testing for housings enclosures in house and on location.
range of DC to 75Ghz.

Conductive emission measurement

Power and signal line filters testing to insertion loss and shielding effectiveness ,leakage current. In house PCI Pulse Current Injection testing to mill std 188-125 E1 E2 test...

Conductive EMP testing

We can perform tests if your device or shielded room withstands an EMP.

How to order

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Find and download EMI shielding product documentation such as technical data sheets and material safety data sheets