Windows, displays & transparent sheets

Our shielding windows, displays & transparent shielding foils are virtually very clear. They shield radio frequency signals and microwave radiation in a wide frequency range. Whether it is for very small display shielding or huge shielding windows from a few meters to a few meters in Faraday cages. We provide the transparent EMI shielding you seek.

9000 - 9300 - Mesh foil

A shielded transparent film in order to apply on standard displays, glass, acrylic, polycarbonate etc...

9700 - Mesh foil windows

Ready to install EMI/RFI shielded mesh foil windows

9900 - Transparent shielding foil

Polyester film with a layer of transparent conductive coating. Shielding performance is less than Mesh foil, but transparency is higher.

9910 - Transparent shielding foil windows

Ready to install Transparent shielding foil windows. Very transparent and therefore suitable for applications where transparency playes an important role

9600 - Shielded EMI glass

Float glass with a conductive coating layer on one side

9400 - Copper grid PET film

PET film deposited with copper grid and protected with a nickel layer

9800 - ESD foil

Electrostatic dissipative polyester film with adhesive backing

High performance Faraday cage windows

Ready to install Faraday cage windows. These windows guarantee a very high EMI / RFI / EMC shielding performance.

Jammerscreen for signal jammer cars

A signaljammer car must be shielded to protect the people who drive the car against the massive electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies that are spread and sends by the jam...

3821 - Conductive transparent paint

Applications in lighting , windows, clear covers and lids, displays etc. Supplied as an aerosol for ease of application.