Foam, rubber & sheets

Our conductive foam, conductive rubber & conductive sheets series is a line of silicone rubber products that have been given electrical conductivity through the addition of carbon and other electrically conductive materials. These products can be supplied in sheets, profiles and cut into any desired shape. Please choose the appropriate electrically conductive foam, rubber or sheet material to continuou.

5750-P - Conductive rubber profiles

Electrically conductive rubber profiles in general are known for its excellent weather, oxidation and ozone resistance. In EMI shielding, this rubber in particular is used as a ...

5750-S - Conductive rubber sheets

Electrically conductive rubber in general is known for its excellent weather, oxidation and ozone resistance, but EMI Shielding in particular is used as a medium to provide electri...

5711 - Oriented wire shield

Silicone sheet material with oriented wires for EMI shielding and IP sealing. Can be die-cutted, CNC knife cutted, laser cutted and/or water jet cutted into complicated shapes.

5730 - Conductive felt

Metallization treated felt with pure nickel

5770 - Conductive foam

Structure with foam as its intermediate layer, offering a suitable material for EMI shielding and absorbing gaskets

7900 - O-profiles

O-profiles EMI gaskets for applications in grooves. Several types of EMC O-profiles have been developed for different applications, each with their own benefits.

7910 - Conductive O-rings

For EMI shielding applications in grooves. Also suitable where IP seal is required

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is a 45-durometer, electrically-conductive, silver-aluminum shielding fluorosilicone that is designed to meet MIL-DTL-83528 Type D.

5752 - Silicone shielding elastomer

5752 - Silicone shielding elastomers is a 30-durometer, electrically-conductive, silver-aluminum silicone shielding elastomer that’s softer than many other EMI materials.<...

5500 - Washer, cyinder and springs

Conductive 5760 rubber or 5770 foam. Materials are used for grounding, contact point, water tight rings or flexible springs. These can be used to contact PCB to housing.