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Please note: The standard sample package contains a small sample of the following products:
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  A = Clip-on gasket (6585)
  B = Ultra soft shield gasket (7496-01-P)
  C = V-shape gasket (87107-T-i)
  D = Amucor shield (6862-01-N)
  E = EMI/IP gasket (7363)
  F = Knitted mesh gasket (1200 Series)
  G = O-profile (79122-1.7x4.0)
  H = D-profile (740072 4x2 mm)
  I = Standard shield gasket (7021-03-N)
  J = Fingerstrips sample (2000 Series)
  K = Amucor foil (4702)
  L = Mesh foil (9000 Series)
  M = Conductive fabric (4712)
  N = Connector gasket 9 pins (8200 Series)
  O =
Mu-copper 0,12 mm thick (5800 Series)
  P = Honeycomb material (9500 Serie)
  Q = Conductive foam (5770)
  R = Conductive rubber (5700)

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