EMI/IP gaskets

In this product group you will find EMI shielding gaskets that also have good water sealing properties. Abbreviated these gaskets are referred to EMI / IP gaskets.

5711 - 5722 - Oriented wire shield

Oriented Wire Shield 5711 - 5722 is a composite gasket material consisting of a large number of small wires embedded and bonded in solid or sponge silicone, or fluor silicone el...

5750-S - Conductive rubber sheets

Electrically conductive rubber sheets is a rubber filled with small conductive metall parts to make the rubber conductive. It can make an EMI-proof and a water pressure tight se...

5750-P - Conductive rubber profiles

Electrically conductive rubber profiles in general are known for its excellent weather, oxidation and ozone resistance.

6500 - Clip-on gasket standard shapes

Easily mounted clip-on gaskets is composed of a separate sponge rubber water seal and an EMI-shielding side of highly conductive, wear-resistant metallized fabric

7300 - EMC-IP gasket

Water sealing EMI gaskets for screwed applications like panels, displays and windows

7500 - L-shape gaskets

L-shaped EMI/RFI shielding gasket with water seal (IP seal) for thin doors and lids

7800 - Ultra soft twin shield

EMI/RFI shielding gasket with low closure force to prevent bending of doors, lids and panels combined with a environmental seal (dust/waterseal)

8300 - Die-cut gasket

Gaskets made out of conductive rubber are quite expensive and are also not as soft as designers expected to prevent bending and leakage. Therefore we have developed gaskets whic...