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CE Marking

What is CE marking?

CE is a statement issued by the manufacturer itself asserting that its product complies with the basic (minimum) European criteria - for example the EMC Directive - with respect to safety, the environment, and aspects of health for the user. This statement is visibly represented on the product by the CE symbol.

Depending on the risks, a determination is made per product group whether or not the self-issued statement must be confirmed by means of testing by an independent third party, a so-called Notified Body. If there is compliance with all the applicable criteria stipulated in the European standard for the relevant product, then there is a legal "assumption of conformity to the requirement originating from the directive." A test conducted by an independent third party on the basis of the prevailing European standards confirms that assumption of conformity. Apart from that, it might be necessary to comply with various directives and consequently different European standards - for example a combination of the EMC Directive and the Low Voltage Directive.

CE conformity marking

  • The CE conformity marking shall consist of the initials 'CE' in exact proportion.
  • If the CE marking is reduced or enlarged the proportions must be respected.
  • Where apparatus is the subject of other Directives covering other aspects and which also provide for the CE conformity marking, the latter shall indicate that the appliances are presumed to conform to those other Directives.
  • However, where one or more of these Directives allow the manufacturer, during a transitional period, to choose which arrangements to apply, the CE marking shall indicate conformity only to the Directives applied by the manufacturer. In this case, particulars of the Directives applied must be given in the documents, notices or instructions required by the Directives and accompanying such apparatus.
  • The various components of the CE marking must have substantially the same vertical dimension, which may not be less than 5 mm.

CE Marking
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