Shielding capacitive screens

To shield capacitive touch screens we have developed and fully tested our transparent shielding foils.

Touchscreens are used in a wide range of military and industrial products. They are being specified in more ruggedized applications such as military, homeland security, first response and medical applications where EMI shielding is required.

To shield capacitive touch screens we have developed and fully tested our transparent shielding foils.

The construction where most screens function properly is when there is approximately 1 mm between the shielding film and the screen. To create this little distance you can use a little frame of 1 mm thickness around or you can use a flat gasket.

When your press with your finger on the shielding film,  your finger will make contact with the screen via the foil and so the position of the finger will be known by the screen.

Types of transparent shielding foil

When you want to shield only against ESD or ATEX we suggest to use the 9800 ESD film.

When you want to shield also against EMI, we suggest to use the 9900 series Transparent shielding foil or the 9000 - 9300 series Mesh foil

Please note that not all screens react the same on the combination with transparent shielding foils therefore we suggest to make a trial before.

Shielding capacitive screens
Shielding capacitive screens
Example image of 9000 series Mesh foil
Example image of 9900 series Transparent shielding foil
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