5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is a 45-durometer, electrically-conductive, silver-aluminum shielding fluorosilicone that is designed to meet MIL-DTL-83528 Type D.

Silver-Aluminum Conductive Fluorosilicone Elastomer

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is a 45-durometer (Shore A), electrically-conductive fluorosilicone compound that is filled with silver-plated aluminum particles and comparable to Parker Chomerics 1287 and 1298 EMI shielding materials for conductive elastomer gaskets.

MIL-DTL-83528 Type D

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is desgined to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-83528 Type D for a silver-plated, aluminum-filled fluorosilicone capable of 90 dB of plane wave shielding effectiveness at 10 GHz, with a continuous use temperature range of -55°C to +160°C, and resistant to solvents and jet fuels.

Conductive Elastomer Gasket Materials

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is supplied as fully-cured, conductive sheet stock or as ready-to-mold compounds. Catalyzed raw materials are available for press-cure molding and have a shelf life of six months. Uncatalyzed materials have an indefinite shelf life, but may require freshening after 1 to 2 years.

5751 Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer
5751 Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer

Technical data below

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer is a Silver Plated aluminum filled fluorosilicone conductive elastomer. This product is supplied as fully cured, conductive sheet stock, continuous extrusion profiles, or ready-to-mold compound.

The data below was generated using ASTM test method and procedures. 5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer was designed to meet the requirements outlined in the MIL-G-83528C specifications.

DATA Typical Values
 Shore A (40-50 range)  45
 Tensile psi (150 minimum)  185 psi
 Elongation % (300 minimum) 350% 
Compression Set % (30 max.)   21% (70 hours at 100°C)
Specific Gravity (1.75 – 2.25)   2.08
Volume Resistivity ohm / cm (0.004 max.)   .002 ohm /cm
Color  Tan
Thermal Stability Range   -60°C - 220°C


Raw material available catalyzed and ready for press cure molding. Data above was generated with Varox catalyst system.

Shelf life

Uncatalyzed – indefinite, may need freshening after 1-2 years. Catalyzed – 6 months. Cold storage will extend shelf life.

Handling and safety

MSDS information is available on request.

5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer 5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer Holland Shielding Systems B.V. Holland Shielding Systems B.V.
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Product description: 5751 - Conductive fluorosilicone elastomer

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