SMD Metal Finger

SMF series

What is SMD Metal Finger?

“SMD Metal Finger (SMF series)” is a SMT compatible press
electric connector.
“SMF series” has good elastic recovery and electric
property, so it offers not only cushion, but also electrical
connecting and grounding between electrical objects and PCB.
It is useful for EMI/ESD countermeasure, electrical grounding
and connecting as EMI Gasket and/or Electric connector.


  • Prevents EMI noise and static
  • Provides highly reliable electric connection
  • Suitable for automated placement
  • Resistant to corrosion and wear resistant
  • Customizable material / plating
  • Meet EU-RoHS, Halogen Free, Beryllium Free


Mobile phone, Wearable device, Game consoles, Tablets, Navigation, TV, PDA, Internet Repeater,
RF Controller, etc.





Game Console

Shape and Kinds

SMF -4-5-3 SMF-3.2-0.8-1.1


Item SMF-4-5-3 SMF-3.2-0.8-1.1
Material Titanium alloys
Finish Sn orAu/Ni Plated
Thickness 0.1mm 0.08mm
Operating Temp. -40℃~ +150℃
Resistance. Typical. 50mΩ
Recovery ratio Typical. 95%(30% Compression, 240hrs)
Recommended Compression Height(RCH) 10~35% of Original Height 10~35% of Original Height
Salt spray No corrosion
Environment Eu-RoHS Compliant, Pb& Halogen Free

Recommend Reflow Soldering

Condition of Reflow Soldering ( Recommend )
Zone Temperature [deg.C] Time[Sec]
a RT ~ 130 60
b Max. 220 90 ~ 150
c 220 ~ 250[max.250] 90 ~ 150
d 220 ~ RT Min. 60


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