1550 - Film over Rubber PCB shielding gaskets

1550 series has good elastic recovery and electric property, so it offers not only cushion property, but also electrical connecting between electrical objects including PCB. It is useful for EMI/ESD/RF countermeasure, electrical grounding and connecting as EMI Gasket and/or electric connector. It is consisted of conductive film, elastic adhesive and elastomer tube, so it is not broken and deformed like metal fingers. There are many sizes and options to meet various customers demands and needs.


  • Surface mount technology (SMT) compatible
  • Lowest electric resistance (typical. 0.06Ω)
  • Excellent elasticity & low compression force
  • Not easily deformed & broken by external force
  • Large contact area
  • Solder protection line exist
  • Sizes from small to big with various options
  • Proper for mass production & re-work available
  • Halogen free, EU-RoHS compliant, non-flammable

General structure

1550 series Film over rubber PCB shielding gaskets general structure

1550 series Conductive PCB shielding gaskets
1550 series conductive PCB shielding gaskets

Technical specifications

 Copper Layer (inside) Standard performance high performance
Plating (surface) Sn (Tin)  Au/Ni
 Plating on the copper edge None  yes Au/Ni
reliability Best  Proper
 Example of P/N 1550-W-H-L-S  1550-W-H-L-G
Main applications  Economic price, home applications  Automotive, industrial & military
 reflow soldering Temp. max 250°C max 270°C 
 Max rework  1 time  3 times
 price  $  $$


 Smart phone, automotive, TV, tablet PC, LCD panel, navigation for electric connecting and grounding.

LCD ground example
LCD ground example
RF connection
RF connection example
Black box receiver connection
Black box receiver connection example
Black box receiver connection
PCB shielding clip vs. PCB shielding gasket. The PCB shielding gasket has a much larger contact area compared to the metal PCB shielding clip.


 General specifications
Materials Silicone Rubber, Silicone adhesive, polyimide film, Sn or AU/NI plated copper layer
Width 1.2mm ∼
Height 0.6mm ∼
Compression Ratio Typical 15%  ∼ 45% compression of original heigt
Operation Temperature -35°C ∼ 160°C 
Resistance Vertical/Surface  Typical 0.06Ω/ typical 0.06Ω
Elastomer hardness Shore A 50
Recovery ratio (25%*500times)  Typical 90% of original height (depends on size)
Soldering Strength Depends on sizes (long lenght provides strong soldering strenght)
 Abrasion Test  No metal dust after rubbing with PP tape (2kg roller / 10cycles)
Thermal shock  Change ratio of resistance & elasticity is lower than 10%  (-40°C*0.5hr ↔ 85°Cx0.5hr*100cycles)
High temperature/humidity Change ratio of resistance & elasticity is lower than 10% (85°C / 85% RH / 100hrs)
Salt spray  Change ratio of resistance & elasticity is lower than 10% (KS D 9502, 5% NaCL, 35°C/12hrs)
Flammability Over UL 94 V-1 (UL file No. E250169)
Environment Halogen Free, EU-RoHS compliant, lead free
Reflow Soldering max. 250°C for Sn plating, max. 270°C for Au/Ni plating.
Recommend Solder pattern  

Part numbers

Example productsWHL
1550-2-0.6-1-x 2 0.6 1
1550-2-0.8-1-x 2 0.8 1
1550-2-0.8-1.25-x 2 0.8 1.25
1550-2-1-1-x 2 1 1
1550-2-1-1.25-x 2 1 1.25
1550-2-1.2-1.25-x 2 1.2 1.25
1550-2-1.2-1.5-x 2 1.2 1.5
1550-2-1.5-1.25-x 2 1.5 1.25
1550-2-1.8-1.25-x 2 1.8 1.25
1550-2.5-1.2-2-x 2.5 1.2 2
1550-2.5-1.5-2-x 2.5 1.5 2
1550-3-1.5-4-x 3 1.5 4
1550-3-2-4-x 3 2 4
1550-3-2.5-4-x 3 2.5 4
1550-3-3-2-x 3 3 2
1550-4-2.5-3-x 4 2.5 3
1550-4-3-5-x 4 3 5
1550-4-3.4-5-x 4 3.5 5
1550-4-4-5-x 4 4 5
1550-4-5-5-x 4 5 5
1550-4.5-4.5-6-x 4.5 4.5 6
1550-5-4.5-3-x 5 4.5 3
1550-5-6-3-x 5 6 3
1550-6-5.5-8-x 6 5.5 8
1550-6-9-8-x 6 9 8
1550-8-7-9-x 8 7 9
Holland shielding systems BV have got more than 300 kinds of 1550 series Film over Rubber PCB shielding gaskets for many applications and usages.
Please contact our engineer for your selection.
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Small pin (for 1500 series)


Mounting tape


EMI/RFI cable entry glands




Compartment shield


Power line filter with 2 fuses and a 2-way voltage selector