5790 series - High-performance EMI/RFI absorber sheets

EMC/EMI problems can be solved by attaching EM absorber and noise suppression sheets simply next to noise sources.


The high-performance EMI (electromagnetic interference) absorber and noise suppression series developed by Holland Shielding Systems B.V can eliminate noise effectively. This product is made with magnetic metal powder. Through the distributed and mixed process, there is a Microwave absorbing sheet made of rubber sheets. As increasing use of wide frequency band, this products absorb and control unnecessary electronic microwaves (noise). You can solve EMC/EMI problems by attaching EM absorber and noise suppression sheets simply on the part of noise sources.

The high performance EMI absorber sheet series is designed for applications where high noise suppression is needed in a broad frequency range. Examples are applications in the construction of medical and military devices.


  • Perfect suppression of radiation noise.
  • High electrical resistance (1x109Ω)
  • Flexible and easy to handle/apply with single-side adhesive, even on a rounded side.
  • Can be manufactured in many shapes, sizes and thickness according to CAD drawing


5790 High performance EMI/RFI absorber sheets construction
5790 High-performance EMI/RFI absorber sheets, construction
The complete range of high performance EMI / RFI absorber sheets
The complete range of high-performance EMI/RFI absorber sheets
High performance EMI / RFI absorber sheets can be cut into any shape
High-performance EMI/RFI absorber sheets can be cut into any shape
High performance EMI / RFI absorber sheets can easily be stuck by the PSA on the source of interference
High-performance EMI/RFI absorber sheets can easily be attached to the source of interference with the PSA

Technical specifications

Part number Unit 5790-ES11 5790-ES12 5790-ES31 5790-ES32 5790-ES45 5790-ES46 5790-ES47 5790-ES48
Feature   Wide band Wide band Wide band, High permeability Wide band, High permeability Standard Wide band Wide band Wide band, High permeability
Structure   Single layer
Frequency range   10MHz to 6GHz
Permeability   55 ± 5 (@13.56MHz) 60 ± 5 (@13.56MHz) 130 ± 5 (@5MHz) 110 ± 5 (@5MHz) 25 ± 5 (@5MHz) 70 ± 5 (@3MHz) 80 ± 5 (@3MHz) 95 ± 5 (@3MHz)
Operating temp. -30 ∼ +80
Density g/cm3 3.7 ± 0.3 3.7 ± 0.3 3.7 ± 0.3 3.7 ± 0.3 3.5 ± 0.3 3.5 ± 0.3 3.5 ± 0.3 3.7 ± 0.3
Surface resistance Ω/sq >1 x 106
Standard thickness mm 0.1 mm (others on request) 
Standard dimensions mm 200x300 (others on request)
Adhesion gf/25mm Min 1,000
Environmental issues   RoHS compliant

Permeability & Reflection loss

5790-ES11 Permeability
5790-ES11 Permeability
5790-ES11 Reflection loss
5790-ES11 Reflection Loss
5790-ES12 Permeability
5790-ES12 Permeability
5790-ES12 Reflection Loss
5790-ES12 Reflection Loss
5790-ES31 Permeability
5790-ES31 Permeability
5790-ES31 Reflection Loss
5790-ES31 Reflection Loss
5790-ES32 Permeability
5790-ES32 Permeability
5790-ES32 Reflection Loss
5790-ES32 Reflection Loss
5790-ES45 Permeability
5790-ES45 Permeability
5790-ES45 Reflection Loss
5790-ES45 Reflection Loss
5790-ES46 Permeability
5790-ES46 Permeability
5790-ES46 Reflection Loss
5790-ES46 Reflection Loss
5790-ES47 Permeability
5790-ES47 Permeability
5790-ES47 Reflection Loss
5790-ES47 Reflection Loss
5790-ES48 Permeability
5790-ES48 Permeability
5790-ES48 Reflection Loss
5790-ES48 Reflection Loss
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Product description:

To get a quotation for High performance EMI absorber sheets within 24 hours fill in the form below.

Select an option:
ES11 : Wide band 55 ± 5 (@13.56MHz)
ES12 : Wide band 60 ± 5 (@13.56MHz)
ES31 : Wide band, High permeability 130 ± 5 (@5MHz)
ES32 : Wide band, High permeability 110 ± 5 (@5MHz)
ES45 : Standard 25 ± 5 (@5MHz)
ES46 : Wide band 70 ± 5 (@3MHz)
ES47 : Wide band 80 ± 5 (@3MHz)
ES48 : Wide band, High permeability 95 ± 5 (@3MHz)
Width (mm)
Specify the width of the absorber sheet in mm
Length (mm)
Specify the length of the absorber sheet in mm
Thickness (mm)
Specify the desired thickness. The options (0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5) can be found in the table above.
* Note: The red blocks are required


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