4920 Cable Grounding Clamps

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    Cable grounding clamps 4920 serie for EMI/RFI shielding and ESD suppression

    4920 Cable grounding clamps

    Cable grounding clamps are perfect for fastening and grounding on EMI/RFI shielded power and signal cables in various applications where electrical connection between the cable and the grounding/EMI/RFI shield circuit is required for EMI/RFI shielding or ESD suppression.

    The product is supplied in strips of 1 meter, on rolls or in cutted in desired length. The holes in the strip can be made on any desired position. In the standard strips the distance between the holes is 12 mm. Please see technical drawing below for more details.


    4920 Cable Grounding Clamps


    • Provides simultaneous fastening and grounding for coaxial and braid-shielded cables.
    • Resin base plated with copper foil.
    • High quality materials prevent the clamp from damaging the cable shielding or the insulation sleeve.
    • Excellent flexibility insures constant contact pressure and stable contact resistance under heat variation and heavy vibration conditions.
    • The contact resistance of the highly conductive copper layer is lower than the nickel or chromium plating on the standard metallic clamps.
    • Low weight and space saving solution for dedicated cable grounding.


    • Material:
      • Conductive textile inside
      • Flammability rating - UL94-V0 
      • Mu-copper foil outside
      • Thickness: 0.03mm (0.001 inch.)

    • Beste mounting method:
      • M3 (Size 4) screw


    Mounting method

    Step 1:
    Cut the strip into pieces of desired length (Only required when the product is delivered as strip)
    Step 2:
    Lay the cut piece (Grounding cable clamps) over the cable
    4920 Cable Grounding Clamps Stap 1 4920 Cable Grounding Clamps Stap 2
    Step 3:
    Fold the Grounding cable clamps around the cable
    Step 4:
    Do a bolt through the holes to fix the Grounding cable clamps
    4920 Cable Grounding Clamps Stap 3 4920 Cable Grounding Clamps Stap 4
    Technical drawing

    Cable grounding clamb technical drawing

    Cable grounding clamb technical drawing


    Cable Tie-Wrap

    Holland Shielding also provides an easy to use tie-wrap sollution.



    Order example
    When you like to order 4920 Cable grounding clamps then please specify the following:

    Partnumber Strip/Pieces Length (mm) Quantity
    Please specify if you want to order as strip of 1 meter (S) or as pieces (P) cutted in length
    When you order in pieces then specify the length per piece in mm
    Please specify the quantity that you need

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